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National Urban Livelihoods Mission

The Government of Uttarakhand is implementing the EST&P component of Central and State Government sponsored National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) with the name of ‘Utthan’ through a transformed strategy. The Utthan programme aims to provide gainful employment opportunities to urban unemployed or underemployed poor in regional perspective by imparting them three to six months skill development training, free of cost, through reputed Government, Non Government and Private Organizations in potential employment generating trades. Training includes mandatory 30 hours session on computer education, soft skills and entrepreneurship each.

The selected Training Agency/ Organization/ Firm shall be bound to ensure mandatory placement to 70% trained beneficiaries on wages not less than that of the State Government norms fixed for skilled labour. Training Agency/ Organization/ Firm shall also follow-up for the sustenance of placement for six months. The eligible beneficiaries would be selected jointly by the Training Agency/ Organization/ Firm and concerned State organization through a transparent procedure. The State Government has planned to cover 6,00,000 youth under the mission in next 5 years.

Why Skill Development

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Countries with higher and better levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of world of work. As India moves progressively towards becoming a 'knowledge economy' it becomes increasingly important that the country should focus on advancement of skills and these skills have to be relevant to the emerging economic environment.

India lags far behind in imparting skill training as compared to other countries. Only 10% of the total workforce in the country receive some kind of skill training (2% with formal training and 8% with informal training). Further, 80% of the entrants into the workforce do not have the opportunity for skill training

Highlight of the Project:

  • Free of cost skill training for states urban unemployed or underemployed youth.
  • Rs 2500/- per month incentive for children/students from other district given they have 70% attendance per month.
  • Maximum job opportunities with 75 % guaranteed job placement after successfully competition of the course.
  • Exposure to various courses with best in class infrastructure and qualified staff.
  • Government Certified course competition certificate recognized for all government jobs

Workshop Objective

  • Provide employment opportunities to urban unemployed or underemployed poor in order to hence the standard of living in rural & urban sector of state.
  • Building a team of efficient individuals to meet current requirement of cooperates , multinationals & individual Firms across the country.
  • Providing an environment by qualified individuals where in local talent is groomed
  • Increasing capacity and capability of the existing system to ensure equitable access for all
  • Creating effective convergence between school education and the government’s skill development efforts
  • Creating institutional mechanism for research development quality assurance, examinations and certification, affiliations and accreditation
  • Training for self-employment/entrepreneurial development

Our Highpoints

  • Providing students with a solid base of general/course education.
  • Focusing on the proper target group, i.e., those with “blue collar working aspirations”
  • Continuous linkages with industry, which ensure that trainees are trained in the knowledge, skills and attitudes sought by employers, and also that employers are aware this.
  • Focus on the acquisition of skills and competencies through highly structured, supervised individual ”hands-on” instruction
  • Rigorous follow-up of each individual in terms of employment, earnings and performance on the job even after competition of course.

Some of Our Esteemed Placement Partners

  • Northern Fire Security Systems, Noida
  • Sri Automation Engineers,Haldwani ,Nainital
  • Sarmang Software, Dehradun
  • Anya Softek,Dehradun
  • Shub Labh Enterprises,Dehradun
  • Intech Software,Dehradun
  • Oracle
  • Infosys
  • TCS
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    The Government of Uttarakhand is implementing the EST&P component of Central and State Government sponsored National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) with the name of 'Utthan'


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